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Brenda Ramsey

Family First Braille is Dedicated to Breaking Barriers to Community Integration for People with Visual Impairments and Their Families.

What is Community Integration?
Community Integration means that people with disabilities should be able to participate as fully as possible in community life, including:
recreation, worship, family relationships, medical care, housing, transportation
education, employment, and all other aspects of life.

What Barriers to Community Integration Are We Trying to Break?
People with visual impairments and their families may have many barriers to community integration.  Not every person or family has these barriers, but these are based on our family’s experiences while our son Tyler (pictured below) was alive.

Additional medical and/or cognitive issues:  We provide specialized services for our clients.
Family financial status:  We offer Family Grants to help families purchase needed equipment.
Family time and energy:  We provide instructions, but will also prepare items for you if needed.
Qualifying for services:  We don’t require any qualifications for service.  No IEP, no doctor’s verification.

Location, distance from services:  If you know someone who doesn’t have internet access, we mail our magazine.

Organizations who wouldn’t serve families:  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  It does to us, too.
Knowledge of resources:  We provide information on other organizations in our blog and magazine.

Lack of community support:  We provide community classes (braille, music, and more), and our magazine is for everyone.

Lack of understanding the needs and strengths of people with visual impairments:  Read our blog for inspiration and information.


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